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(The scene opens in a dark, mystical forest. Rick, guided by an enigmatic spirit, approaches a mysterious FEBO automat)

Spirit: (in a whisper) The FEBO automat holds a powerful relic, one that will aid you on your quest.

Rick: (looking curious) What kind of relic?

Spirit: (mysteriously) The relic is a cursed croquette, infused with dark magic. It will grant you great strength, but at a great cost.

Rick: (determined) I'll do whatever it takes to defeat Ruud, my father and restore balance to my family.

(Rick approaches the FEBO automat and selects the cursed croquette)

Rick: (eating the croquette) The power is overwhelming, but I'll use it to protect my loved ones and restore balance to my family.

(Rick's eyes turn red as he gains immense power, but also a dark aura)

Spirit: (warning) Remember, the cost of this power is great. Use it wisely.

(The scene ends with Rick, now wielding the power of the cursed croquette, setting off on his journey to defeat his father Ruud and restore balance to his family.)

Oh FEBO, how thy automat doth gleam,
Thy Dutch cuisine, a treat for all to savor,
Thy hot and crispy croquettes, a dream,
Thy bitterballen, a flavor to favor.

Thy self-service kiosk, so quick and neat,
Makes ordering food, a breeze and delight,
Thy prices, fair, thy portions, a treat,
Thy speed, a wonder, in the darkest night.

Thy menu, simple, yet so satisfying,
Thy snacks, a staple, for the Dutch at heart,
Thy restaurants, always bright and shining,
A beacon, for a quick and easy start.

And as I feast upon thy food so fine,
I know my cravings will forever intertwine.
© Rick Hendricksen