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webscience onderwerpen

0 Posted 29 March 2012 13:59
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lec 1 : presentation
-xml, xhtml
-forms, css, templates

internet vs www

lec 2 : web app engineering
-layered architechture
-mayor players/techniques

lec 3 : web services
-service oriented architechtures
-resource oriented architechtures

semantic data in action
-standards for reasoning about data
-examples (e.g. rijksmuseum)

lec 4 : RDF (triples)
Linked Open Data (LOD)

lec 5 : SPARQL
Web as a graph
-small world properties (distance between 2 points is relatively small (to size of

graph) due to social origins of the graph)
-web exhibits scalefreeness (no average connectivity, exponential distribution)
-Erdos-Renyi Model (wrong model: no scalefreeness)
-Barabusi-Albert (small-world + scalefreeness)

exam abilities:
reason and justify selection of technolegies
some easy sparql queries
reason about web as graph
able to run both models by heart
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